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The complexity of change has never been more apparent.

Our need for change has never been more important.

I'm here to help.


Hello, my name is Laurent-Pierre and I am a Change Leadership Consultant who is currently learning a new approach through a master's degree in Human Systems Intervention.

In the meantime, I have developed a consulting practice on the south shore of Montreal, helping small and medium-sized businesses overcome challenges related to the people aspects of organizational life. My objective is now to apply the interventionist approach and embody the idea that every interaction is an opportunity for an intentional act of leadership towards a more favourable future. 

  A bit about me  

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After working for a while in the aeronautical sector as a technician and  team leader, I decided to follow my passion and curiosity by engaging in a bachelor degree focused on Organization Development and Change. I then started my master's at Concordia University, which I am now one step away from completing.

My role as a consultant is to support your team by co-designing and implementing a collaborative process that will spark and drive change across multiple layers of your organization.



*In order to follow the current public health guidelines, projects are completed online. While this creates some constraints, it also offers an opportunity to experiment with new ways of working effectively in virtual spaces.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself


This project is offered virtually. Send me a message if you are interested or would like any more details and I will reply shortly! 

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